The show must go on! Yes, the AVID classes invite you to enjoy SC Got Talent on Thursday, May 25 at 7:00 PM in the SC Theater. Hip-hop, Mr. Shorecrest preview, singers and great bands, just to name a few great acts! $5 with ASB, $7 without or at the door. See you there!


Seniors - iPad check in is next Monday, June 5. While you are at home please back up any data you want to save and please install any available updates. Remember to bring your charger brick and cord.


ALL seniors need to attend a VERY important meeting in the Theater on Friday, May 26. Information regarding graduation and senior check out forms are top of the list. Seniors check in first with HH teacher before going to senior class meeting in the theater.


Seniors and guests - If you are planning to attend prom you must make up your tardies! Tickets go on sale starting May 22. If you or your guest has more than 10 tardies you will NOT be able to purchase a ticket, so make sure you are attending tardy tank now! Once the room is full you or you arrive late you will be turned away. Plan accordingly! If you have more than 5 tardies you have been assigned to tardy tank. Check with your HH teacher each week for your reminder slip, which has your totals listed or you can check the list outside security.


If you can read and write a language other than English, you may have a seal of bi-literacy on your diploma and a pin to wear on your graduation stole. Pick up a form from the counselor's office, Siri Hulbert, or the Shoreline website and fill it out by May 31 proving you've passed an assessment like the STAMP, ALTA or an AP exam.


If you are currently an Ambassador and are interested in being a Lead Ambassador, please stop by Ms. Elwell’s classroom (Room 228) to pick up an application. Applications for Lead Ambassador positions are due Friday, May 26.


Students who are trying out for Highland Dance have tryouts all week (Mon-Fri) in room 228 right after school until 4:30.


NHS seniors and juniors need to get their service hours into Ms. Nemeth in room 247 or in her mailbox by Thursday May 25 at the absolute latest for seniors to be included in the honors assembly program.


Throughout the whole month of May, the yearbook will be on sale for $65 with ASB and $75 without ASB. They can be purchased at the ASB window with check or cash and also online with a debit/credit card by going to Don’t miss the opportunity! And make sure that all your fines are paid so that you can pick it up on annual day.