All School Art Installation

If you’ve seen a Shorecrest all-school art installation, then you know how amazing they are and what an impact they have on our entire community. These projects are organized by the art club and executed by the entire school! This one is special. Imagine thousands of cranes and fish strung up at the front entrance, or even throughout our Art Building making origami magic! Cranes and fish symbolize peace, love, hope, contentment, and healing. What could be more inspiring during these challenging times?


But to make it work, they need your help! So, here’s the plan: everyone makes a few and then drops them off at Shorecrest at designated times that will come up periodically. Then the Art Club will complete the vision and make it a reality to be enjoyed by all upon our return to school. There are near 1500 students at Shorecrest and if everyone made five, we’d have 7500 cranes! We are counting on you, so we want to make it easy!


How do I make the cranes and fish?

Please use blank or lined white paper for a uniform look. (However, you can personalize your cranes by writing your wishes for the new school year on them.)

Instructions:   CRANE   FISH


When/where can I drop them off?

The last Wednesday and Thursday of the month (4/28-29, and 5/26-27). The bin will be set out near the main doors in front of the school, where you can easily drop your creations in a plastic bag anytime during school hours (7:30-4:00)


The top three contributors will get gift cards! Let’s go! Your participation is so appreciated! Let’s do this, Scots!



SC Art Club