Technology Support

MP Families,

Below are resources to use when you have difficulty with technology used for remote learning. 

I. Troubleshooting Assistance

If you are struggling to get into ClassLink, Seesaw, or Zoom in order to participate in daily lessons, please call or email:

Jenny Hillger, Librarian: 206-393-4125,

Gloriann Harrigan, Library Technician, 206-393-1782

Matt Alford, Dean of Students, 206-393-1772, matt.alford@shorelineschool.sorg

If you are unable to reach anyone, please call the front office and office staff will locate someone to help you. 

Annie Bach, Office Manager, 206-393-1777

Jake Goett, Registrar, 206-393-1778

II Extra Support and General Information

Click here for links to help with a variety of technology issues - set up, logging into devices and apps, and more. 

Click here to review username and password information.  

III District Tech Support

If your Chromebook or iPad is not working in other ways, it is probably time to request district-level technology support.

Click here to complete a form. Someone will usually get in touch with you within 24 hours.