Log-in Directions


1. Students, use these directions to practice logging in before the first day of school. 

2. Watch this Screencast: How students will log in to their synchronous instruction every day (under 2 minute video)

3. Parents, download the Seesaw Family App or sign up at app.seesaw.me

Your child's username and password will be included in their Student Materials bag on a blue notecard. If you are having trouble getting in, email ANYONE here at school (classroom teacher, dean, principal, etc.). We are all committed to having 100% of our students logged in successfully on the first day of school.

  • Seesaw is our official LMS (Learning Management System) What is Seesaw? (5 minute video)
  • Classlink is the student's gateway to everything (Seesaw included) 

Seesaw is the platform we will use to communicate with students AND families. These emails from our BC office will stop happening so frequently when school starts and we shift most of our communication with families to Seesaw. I am excited to explore some new ways of directly communicating with families utilizing some new Seesaw features! 

Information & Directions Families Need:


1. What if my child/student changed their password last year and has forgotten it?

Contact your school Library Tech for password reset. You will find this information on the school homepage.

2. As a parent, I have the Seesaw Class app on my device. Do I need it anymore?

No, we are asking all parents to add the Seesaw Family app so they can communicate with their child’s teacher through Seesaw notifications. It also allows for parents to translate.

3. I have an iPad for my K & 1st grader? Does my child log in the same way as last year?

No it is different. Students will use ClassLink to join their Seesaw class.

4. Who gets the student’s usernames and password to the student/family?

The school can come up with a plan whether it’s done at device check out or sent via email by office or teacher. Different students have different plans.

5. What if one of my students wants a device after the school has already passed them out?

Make-up times will be offered for families that are unable to attend the scheduled day for their school. Note that it may not be possible to schedule make-up days before the first day of instruction. Contact: https://www.shorelineschools.org/Page/7523

6. One of my students has a device that isn't working. Who do they contact? 

For Chromebook and iPad technical support please complete an online tech support form at: https://www.shorelineschools.org/hometechhelp.