October Newsletter (Sent Home on Monday, October 1st)

Families of Room 5,

We are now one whole month into the school year! October is a busy month for both students and families. With conferences happening the second full week of this month, we will have quite a few half days/early release days, which makes it even more important for students to be on top of their work while they are at school!


What we have been working on recently:

  • Continuing to practice showing appropriate classroom/school behaviors (be safe, respectful, responsible, kind)
  • Literacy: Small groups with Ms. Chamberlain at the teacher table focusing on reading just-right books, doing differentiated word study, and comprehension work
  • Word study: Targeted instruction based on student assessment data, most working on digraphs and common long vowel patterns
  • Comprehension skill: Identifying Story Elements (characters, setting(s), main events, problem/solution, etc.)
  • Writing: Editing and revising our first personal narratives (on topic of own choosing)
  • Math:
    • First grade: Topic 1 Understanding Addition
    • Second grade: Topic 2 Addition Strategies


What we will be working on:

  • Life Skills: Responsibility and Organization
  • Sharing: 1 sharing time per month for each student (refer to schedule and sharing info. sent home with students in September)
  • Literacy: Working on targeted skills for individual students (based on assessment data), word work, and comprehension strategies in leveled guided reading groups
  • Word study: Differentiated for student needs. Most will be focusing on common long vowel patterns and blends, some will be focusing on irregular vowel patterns such as ew, aw, and r-controlled vowels ar, er, etc.
  • Comprehension skill: Sequencing (putting events in order from first-last)
  • Writing: Publishing personal narratives, then integrated writing lessons for Air and Weather
  • Math:
    • First grade: Topic 3 Five and Ten Relationships, Topic 2: Understanding Subtraction
    • Second grade: Topic 3 Subtraction Strategies, Topic 4: Working With Equal Groups


Important dates to remember:

  • October 2nd: Picture Day
  • October 9th, 11th, and 12th: Half days for conferences (students released at 11:45AM)
  • October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st: Early release Wednesdays (students released at 1:50PM)


As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Be well,

Elizabeth Chamberlain                      elizabeth.chamberlain@shorelineschools.org