January Drill of the Month: SHELTER-IN-PLACE

Posted by Chuck Goodwin on 1/7/2020 9:30:00 AM

Team Shoreline,

Conducting a Shelter-In-Place Drill

The question has come up on "How are we supposed to conduct a Shelter-In-Place Drill?” To begin with, refer to the SSD ‘Emergency Preparedness Manual’ (pages 75-76) and the ‘Emergency Flip Chart.’  But for those who want a simple answer, you'll find below 5 steps to conduct a Shelter-In-Place drill

But before we look these 5 steps, let's remind ourselves of the twofold purpose of Shelter-In-Place:

a)  Shelter‐in‐Place can be for a weather-related events (e.g. sudden snowstorm) where students need to remain at school beyond school hours. 

b)  Shelter-in-Place also has the purpose of protecting students and staff from airborne chemical, radiological, or biological contaminants released into the environment.  In the later, “Shelter‐in‐Place” means to take immediate shelter where you are and isolate your inside air-environment from the outside air-environment.

NOTE: For the purposes of January's Drill, we will only be sheltering for a weather-related event


5 Steps to Conduct a Shelter-in-Place Drill

  1. Principal communicates following announcement:

This is a drill only.  Shelter-in-Place.  Staff & Students go to your Shelter Room.”

"Again, this is a drill only.  Shelter-in-Place.  Staff & Students go to your Shelter Room.”

      2.  Have Staff and Students quietly walk to (or remain in) the Shelter Room (classroom, gymnasium or cafeteria)

      3.  Take attendance and email attendance to Main Office

      4.  Principal communicates:

“This concludes our Shelter-in-Place Drill.  If this were a real incident, we would wait for instructions from either the Superintendent's Office or from Police or Fire Personnel to inform us on what to do next.  Once again, this concludes our Shelter-in-Place Drill.”

       5. Complete the Drill Reporting Form and send it to me in District Mail / or Email it to me so I can record it in Rapid Responder.

Questions??  Please don't hesitate to ask!
Standardizing Drills means safer schools -- which leads to increased learning!