December Drill of the Month: Mapping System

Posted by Chuck Goodwin on 12/1/2019 12:05:00 AM

At least one drill each year must make use of the school mapping system (Rapid Responder).  The intent of this drill is for principals and/or other administrators to access the mapping system to increase familiarity with the system and its' use in emergent situations.  Your Building has the following (4) four options for meeting the requirements of State law of accessing and integrating information stored in the school mapping system during the drill.

Option #1
If you and your Team simply view my "Rapid_Responder_Navigation" PowerPoint and successfully logon to Rapid Responder, that qualifies for the Mapping Drill requirement!

Option #2
Conduct an evacuation drill based on a gas-leak scenario and use the information in the Rapid Responder system to locate the gas shut-off valves.  Assign personnel to locate the valves and simulate shutting them down, while concurrently evacuating the school (building) to outside assembly area.

Option #3
Conduct a fire evacuation drill based on a fire in a specific area of the school building. Use the information in the Rapid Responder system to assess potential hazards in the vicinity of the fire (e.g., hazardous materials or gas lines), and respond appropriately.

Option #4
Conduct a regular LockDown drill for a hostile intruder (locking down in classrooms).  While students are in LockDown have Front Office Staff access Rapid Responder to view layout of school map and classrooms and "table top exercise" assisting First Responders planning to evacuate students to an offsite location for reunification.  This may include locating transportation loading zone(s), and how best to stage students for transportation as they are released from their classrooms.

For any of the 4 options you choose for your Building, if you have any issues/questions that arise, including: "How do I access Rapid Responder Mapping System?" or "I lost my password" email Chuck Goodwin, Safety/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, or call him at ext. 4237.