September Drill of the Month: FIRE DRILL

Posted by Chuck Goodwin on 9/4/2019 10:50:00 AM

  • Team Shoreline,
  • We've done Fire Drills many times.  But the first time we are using Google Docs for our Drill Reporting (see link below).  So "winning" this month is now as easy as 2-Steps!
  • 1.  Principals (i.e. Incident Command) read the procedures for "Fire or Fire Alarm" in the SSD Emergency Preparedness Manual (page 60) and have your Staff read the "Fire or Fire Alarm Procedure" from their classroom Emergency Flip Chart and review Classroom Evacuation Route on wall in their classroom.

    2.  Conduct a Fire Drill and go to the Google Docs link (see 9/4/19 email from me). Fill-in the 2019-20 SSD Drill Reporting Form and hit "SEND." The filled-out Form will automatically come back to me and I will record it in Rapid Responder.

    For extra emergency preparedness: Since this is the First month of the new school year, consider conducting 2 Fire Drills to better familiarize your new students and staff to your Building's evacuation route(s) and Student Assembly Area.


Standardizing Drills improve our Overall Effectiveness in Teaching Kids!

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