June Drill of the Month: EARTHQUAKE

Posted by Chuck Goodwin on 6/1/2019 12:05:00 AM

Team Shoreline,

With June leading to summer break, getting your Building to conduct an Earthquake Drill this month is a good way to remind students and staff we live in earthquake country and what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Earthquake DRILL:

Make the following announcement:

"At this time we are conducting an Earthquake Drill.

I repeat, this is an Earthquake Drill.

Drop, Cover and Hold and follow your teacher's further instructions."

1. Have students do the following:

a. Drop under a desk with backside facing any windows or glass.

b. With one hand holding the desk leg.

c. The other hand covering the back of their neck.

2. Next, have teacher give the following instructions to students:

"If this were a real earthquake, we would remain in our "Drop, Cover and Hold" position for 5-6 minutes

while waiting for any aftershocks.  Next, we would then wait for instructions from the Front Office.  We

would be told to remain in our classroom or evacuate."

NOTE: Where students cannot drop under a desk (e.g. Gym Class):

a. Have students drop to ground next to walls (backside to windows).

b. Both hands covering the back of their neck.

For additional information, check out the Great Washington Shakeout website for lots of resources at: Great Washington Shakeout

Response During an ACTUAL Earthquake:

  • If outdoors get in an open area away from trees, power lines, etc.

  • If indoors DROP, COVER, AND HOLD onto something stable

  • Put backsides toward windows or glass, cover back of head & eyes

  • Wait for aftershocks (which may occur after 5-6 minutes)

  • Evacuation should NEVER be automatic

  • Wait for building condition to be examined by Custodial Staff

  • If building is unsafe, you will be told to evacuate

  • Refer to Evacuation page in the Emergency Flip Chart


EVACUATION ISSUES (Should evacuation be necessary)

  • Your primary Evacuation Route may not be clear

  • Inspect exits to make sure debris is not hanging over exits

  • The lighting inside your building or room will probably be out - it may be DARK

  • Evacuate cautiously aftershocks can collapse a weakened structure