October newsletter

Room 1 News and Notes


Math:    Students are working with measurement and learning terms such as length, height, and capacity. You can ask them how they compare objects using each of these terms.


We have studied the letter a (next will be o) in the Superkids curriculum, which included letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing.  Students will be continuing to learn approximately 1 new letter every other week and can practice writing those words at home! Continued practice with rhyming is also helpful!



We will soon be starting the patterns unit. Students will learn how to identify patterns and relate to patterns in their lives.



Buddy class


Students will be meeting their buddies soon! They will be reading, writing, working on math, and other projects this year will buddies!



I enjoyed meeting with you for the WaKids conferences and I am looking forward to meeting again this month. We will be talking about your child, looking at assessments, and forming goals for the year.


Harvest Party:

You will be receiving information in the near future describing the party. This will take place on the 31st, immediately after they parade through the first grade and kindergarten classrooms.


Dates to Remember




Conferences (early dismissal): October 9th-11th

Early dismissal: October 12th

No School: October 13th

Harvest Party/Halloween Parade:  October 31st

No School: November 11th



Thanks for your support!    Jed


Jed Feltis  jed.feltis@shorelineschools.org