February newsletter



     Mr. Feltis

February 1, 2017


February is here! See what we have been doing below:


Math: Our current unit works with operations and algebraic thinking. This includes addition as putting together and adding to, and subtraction as taking apart and taking from.   The next unit will be working with numbers and operations in base ten.


Reading/Writing: We have learned all the letters and are continuing to blend and segment. We have learned several sight words and they are continuing to write in their journals. We are also beginning to work with word families (words that end the same but have a different first sound such as ran, can, fan). You can continue to work with them at home by rhyming words, having them blend and segment simple words such as can, run, sun, as well as simple nonsense words such as sut, kiz and more.  


Science: The students will soon be enjoying the study of animals for science. Once we start you are encouraged to ask them to tell you about observing the animals!


Social Studies/Show and Tell: We will turn our Show and Tell theme to family heritage for February. Students could bring in symbols of their heritage such as pictures, clothing, maps, and any other special items that represent their culture.


2/14 Valentine’s Party-Please send valentines for all students if your child chooses to bring them.

2/18 -2/26 Mid Winter Break

2/27 100th Day of School




Mr. Feltis