December newsletter

Room 1 News and Notes


Jed Feltis




Math:    We are working with comparing and ordering numbers 0 to 5. Students have learned about terms such as more, fewer, and how to order numbers on a number line. They also will be practicing writing numbers to 5 and playing games that reinforce the concepts. The next unit with be working with numbers 6 to 10.


We have studied the letters which go with each of the Superkids Cass, Oswald, Golly, Alf, Doc, Sal and Lily. This includes letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing.  They have been practicing identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words, and blending those sounds. Try this at home with simple words like bus, bag, rug, etc. Students will be continuing to learn letters and can practice writing the alphabet at home! Continued practice with rhyming is also helpful!




Students have been writing as a response to prompts such as “When I am bigger”. They copy the prompt and then finish the sentence by sounding out the words they want to use.




We finished the unit on patterns. We will soon be starting to explore force and motion. Students will be making inventions to learn about how force creates motion. 


Buddy class


Students have been enjoying meeting with their buddies from Mr. Bond’s class! They have been reading on a weekly basis!









Dates to Remember



December 8-Book-it Theatre assembly

December 15-Student celebration assembly

December 20-Jan. 2-No School-Winter Break

January 15-No school Martin Luther King Jr. Day



Thanks for your support!    Jed