What if I need a letter for a scholarship application?

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Scholarships often ask for letters of recommendation. 

If you already asked teachers for letters for college applications, ask the teacher(s) if they would be willing to repurpose their letters for your scholarship application. Please give them plenty of notice since they will have to adjust how the letter is written. 

Scholarships vary in how they wish the letters to be submitted. There may be an online portal, they may wish the recommenders send letters directly to a particular email address, or they may wish for a hard copy (in a sealed envelope) to be submitted with your paper application. In any of the above cases, it is best if you handle the letters as little as possible so that they are confidential. 

If you do not already have letters for college applications, then ask for a letter several weeks in advance and ask if they would like you to fill out a brag sheet. If they would, type the answers and email them to the teacher. Also be sure they know the scholarship deadline. 

Thank your teacher for the letters!