May I have a non-Shorewood teacher write a letter?

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Yes, if you are willing to do a bit of extra work. 

If that teacher is a Shoreline School District teacher, ask Mrs. Stephens to add (or keep) that teacher as a Naviance user. It would be helpful for you to let her know when the letters are completed so that she can deactivate the teacher once your applications are finished. Teacher users will receive all of Mrs. Stephens' emails, which they will not need if they teach at a different school. 

If your teacher is retired, teaches out of district, or is one of your professors for a Running Start class, you will have to do some legwork.

These letters will go through Mrs. Stephens. Letters sent to her from students will not be accepted. The letters must come to her directly from the teacher/ professor. 

Here's the sequence: 

  1. Ask your teacher/ professor in person. 
  2. After the teacher/ professor says yes, send an email to that teacher/ professor and Mrs. Stephens to 'introduce' us via email. Let us know your deadlines and the colleges you are applying to. (Mrs. S can see those in Naviance, but your other recommender cannot.)
  3. Mrs. Stephens will send the teacher instructions. The teacher may be asked to fill out a Common App Teacher Evaluation.
  4. Mrs. Stephens will send you instructions for requesting the letter in Naviance. 
  5. Request the letter in Naviance as above, using the direction that Mrs. Stephens provides. 
  6. The teacher/ professor will email a pdf to Mrs. Stephens, who will upload it into Naviance and send it to the college.
  7. Thank the teacher/ professor as outlined above.