Will any new staff join the Parkwood team during the design and construction process?

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School principals serve as the instructional leaders, facility managers, safety coordinators, campus supervisors, community liaisons, and daily directors of their community's school.  During a design and construction process, they are deeply involved in developing a facility that represents the optimum learning environment for generations of future learners.  To ensure that existing learning and operations continue to run seamlessly, schools often hire temporary administrators to provide day-to-day continuity and operational support.

To achieve this continuity, Jennifer Eklund has been selected to serve as Parkwood's half-time Assistant Principal for construction support.  Jennifer has a lengthy tenure in the Shoreline School District, having served in a variety of roles ranging from classroom teacher to Dean of Students to substitute principal.  Jennifer and Ann (Parkwood Principal) are a great and energetic team committed to supporting Parkwood students, staff, and communities through the duration of this construction project.