Poetry Projects - 2019

Posted by Frank Kleyn on 4/30/2019

Sixth Grade Black Out Poems


Using text from popular 6th grade fiction titles, our sixth graders carefully selected words to write a "black out poem."  Next, they illustrated their poem to black out or color over the words that were not needed for the poem. This was a challenging activity and all of us were learning how to successfully "write" a black out poem.  Students who decided to share their poems online are featured on our website.  View their poems here. 


Fifth Grade Shape Poems


Fifth graders brainstormed 20 or more words about an important person in their life and then created their own shape poem with the words.  View their shape poems here.  Create your own shape poem at https://wordart.com


Fourth Grade Haiku Poems


Fourth grade students found favorite inspirational nature images and wrote haiku.
Click here to view their work!


Third Grade Haiku Poems


Third grade students learned how to write a haiku poem and then turned on their creative juices!  Enjoy reading their haiku here.