Washington State Animal Research Web Pages - 4th Grade

Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/17/2019

The Shoreline School District’s library program teaches students to seek and research topics found in nonfiction books. Our students are motivated to learn about our local animals and it’s important that we have up-to-date books for them to select and read. 

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Shoreline Foundation granted the Lake Forest Park Library $650 to purchase up-to-date nonfiction books about local animals.
Fourth graders used text features to research information about Washington State animals.  Students used the Google Sites application to share their findings through the creation of single web page that describes their animal.  

Thank you, Shoreline Foundation!  Our students will enjoy reading these books and learning about local animals for years to come. 

Along with the books, students used our district's subscription to Britannica Encyclopedia to research their animal. All images were found via Google Images and were labeled for non-commercial reuse. 

Click here to learn about Washington State animals through our student created webpages.