Poetry Projects: April 2018

Posted by Frank Kleyn on 5/1/2018

Lake Forest Park students in grades 3-6 published poems to celebrate April 2018's Poetry Month.  Enjoy reading their poems!

Third Grade Haiku

Awesome Haiku

Haikus are awesome
First line is 5 syllables
Second is 7

By Natalie H Room 19

Third grade students enjoyed reading haiku in the library.  They learned that 

haiku poems are written using the 5-7-5 syllable pattern.  Each student then
thought of their own haiku and submitted it for publication.  
Click here to read their haiku poems.



4th Grade Nature Haiku

Image found at http://images.google.com

Fourth graders found an online photo of nature and wrote
a haiku about the photo.  Some fourth graders wrote more
than one haiku.  Connect with nature and haiku by viewing
their inspirational poems. 




5th Grade Word Cloud Poems


Fifth graders wrote poems about an important person and an 
object, animal, or place that reminds them of this person.  
They then turned the poems into word clouds.  
Click to view each Word Cloud.  Look at the photo's information 
to find out who created each word cloud.  Create your own 
Word Cloud at http://tinyurl.com/lfpwordcloud




6th Grade "Shih Poems"


A common Chinese form pf poetry is called a “Shih" poem.  It is four lines.  Each line has five to seven syllables.

  • The first line contains the initial phrase about a natural subject.
  • The second line is a continuation of that subject.
  • The third line turns from this subject and begins a new one
  • The fourth line is the poet’s thoughts (or advice) on the subjects.

Click here to read the "Shih Poems" written by this year's sixth grade students.