Seniors: Yes, Many 4-Year Colleges are Accepting Applications!

Posted by Marianne Stephens on 3/30/2021

Yes, there are colleges that are still accepting applications! You will have to do a bit of research and may need to expand the limits you put on your list before (geography, name recognition) but there are hundreds of excellent colleges that you simply have not yet discovered. Use these lists: 

Colleges with Rolling Admissions PrepScholar 

Lists about 900 (maybe more?) colleges with rolling admissions that are almost certainly accepting applications. Check the college website to be sure. 


2021 College Application Deadlines  CollegeSimply

Hopefully this list appears to you starting with today’s date. However, if the dates start in the fall and you cannot get the “hide passed deadlines” feature to work, you may have to page way ahead to get to today’s date. There are many April 1, April 15, and April 30 deadlines. 


Spring 2021 RACC Space Available Report 

This list is put together by the RACC, Regional Admissions Counselors of California, a group of admissions officers based in California but who work for universities in other regions. It is a smaller list than the others, yet offers good information for 64 colleges.  


Washington or Oregon Colleges

If you are interested in a particular college other than UW Seattle, reach out to Mrs. Stephens or your counselor. We may be able to advocate for you to our contacts at the college(s) to see if they will accept an application now. We will let you know if it won't work, but it can't hurt to try! Pacific Lutheran University and Whitworth University have been particularly flexible so far this year, but there are probably others that would be as well.