Changing the Faces of Mathematics: Latinos

by Secada Year Published: 2005 Instructaional Practices
This book focuses on a number of salient research and practice issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics among the second largest minority group in the United States, Latinos. Chapters include: (1) "Understanding the Needs of Latino Students in Reform-Oriented Mathematics Classrooms" (Judit N. Moschkovich); (2) "Latinos, Income, and Mathematics Achievement: Beating the Odds" (Luis Ortiz-Franco); (3) "Isn't English a Trip?" (Jose Franco); (4) "Spanish-English Language Issues in the Mathematics Classroom" (Pilar Ron); (5) "Adapting Mathematics Instruction for English-Language Learners: The Language-Concept Connection" (Leslie Garrison and Jill Kerper Mora); (6) "The Mathematics-Bilingual Education Connection: Two Lessons" (Norma G. Hernandez); (7) "Mathematizing Children's Stories, Helping Children Solve Word Problems, and Supporting Parental Involvement" (Ana Maria Lo Cicero, Karen C. Fuson, Martha Allexsaht-Snider); (8) "Challenging Conventional Wisdom: A Case Study" (Lena Licon Khisty); (9) "Teachers and Students' Attitudes toward the Use of Manipulatives in Two Predominantly Latino School Districts" (Maria L. Bustamante and Betty Travis); (10) "Portafolio de Matematica: Using Mathematics Portfolios with Latino Students" (Leslie Garrison); (11) "Taking on the Challenge of Mathematics for All" (Richard G. Doty, Susan Mercer, and Marjorie A. Henningsen); (12) "Staff Development to Foster Latino Students' Success in Mathematics: Insights from Constructivism" (Gary Ivory, Dolores R. Chaparro, and Stanley Ball); (13) "TexPREP and Proyecto Access: Making Mathematics Work for Minorities" (Julio Guillen and Manuel P. Berriozabal); (14) "The Minority Mathematics and Science Education Cooperative (MMSEC) Success Story" (Olga M. Ramirez and John E. Bernard); (15) "A Model of Tutoring that Helps Students Gain Access to Mathematical Competence" (Yolanda De La Cruz); and (16) "There's More to Mathematics Than Choosing the Letter C: The Limitations of Test-Driven Intervention" (Milagros M. Seda and Carmen M. Seda). (ASK)