Daily Announcement

November 21, 2019




The cast list for Willy Wonka Jr has been posted! There is a copy of the list outside the choir room and the main office.

Did you know that a study done by the Human Rights Campaign showed that 40% of trans youth felt depressed most or all of the time in the past 30 days. For transgender youth, family and community support makes all the difference! Strong family bonds and support, safe schools, and support from caring adults can all protect LGBTQ+ youth from depression and harm.


Attention all students. If you want to watch the basketball game after school, please know that you must be signed in to Hangtime or you must be with a parent or guardian. You may not be at the game without supervision. If you are at the game without Hangtime or without a parent or guardian you will be asked to leave. Again you must go to Hangtime to watch part of the game. When Hangtime leaves the game, you cannot stay unless a parent is there to supervise you. Thanks.