4/9 parent canvas support

April 9, 2020

To parents & guardians: 

Supporting Your Student On Canvas

As your students transition into an online format, it’s important that you’re able to access the information they have, so that you can support Home Learning. If you have not yet, please take a moment and set up a Canvas observer account so that you can receive communications from teachers about classes, assigned learning activities and any upcoming announcements. You can set up an observer account on the internet, or any device. In order to connect your account to your student’s, you need to get a pairing code to link the two accounts together.


Step 1: Get your student(s) pairing code [directions with pictures]

  1. Have your student log in to Canvas.
  2. Underneath the Shoreline Schools logo, click on the icon that says “account”
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. At the very bottom of the page, click on the “Pair with Observer” to receive the case-sensitive pairing code. (The code will expire after 7 days if not used. If it expires, simply request a new code.)


Step 2: Create your account

To set up Canvas using the internet [directions with pictures]

  1. Go to shorelineschools.instructure.com
  2. Next to the Shoreline Schools logo, click “create an account”
  3. Enter your contact info and your student(s) pairing code (from Step 1 -- see above)


To set up Canvas using a mobile app [directions with pictures]

  1. Download Canvas Parent App from your app store
  2. Open the app and click “find my school”
  3. Enter “Shoreline School District”
  4. Click “create account” at the bottom of the screen
  5. Enter your contact info and your student(s) pairing code (from Step 1 -- see above).


(Note: if you have multiple students, you can pair multiple codes to your account to track each students’ progress) Help page on how to add additional children