March 27, 2020

Dear Shorecrest Families,


Starting this coming Monday, March 30, students will see Home Learning activities and lessons via Canvas for the following courses (prioritizing Senior needs first):

  • Senior Civics
  • Senior English classes
  • Senior PE (Lifetime Sports + Other)
  • Bridges for College Math
  • Financial Algebra
  • Earth Science
  • AP Courses
  • UW Astronomy
  • UW Pre-Calc


By no later than Monday, April 6 we will have Home Learning activities ready for ALL students in ALL current classes.

Home Learning activities are being planned with the mindset that we will be returning to school on April 27. If anything changes in regards to this, we will update you and our Home Learning plans accordingly. 


Teachers will be creating 2 to 3 activities/lessons per week, per class between now and our anticipated return date of April 27. 


For ease and access to these Home Learning activities for students and families, the Shorecrest staff has agreed to the following common guidelines:

-- Home Learning Activities will be housed under one module titled “Home Learning” on each teacher’s Canvas site.  


-- Home Learning Activities will be entered in Canvas as Assignments and students will see them on the calendar feature with due dates to help them stay on pace and on track. 


-- Because we know that each of our families is facing different realities and challenges during this time of school closure, due dates are there to only help with pacing your learning. No Home Learning assignments will be considered late or penalized if turned in after a due date.


-- When a student completely finishes and submits any of these Home Learning assignments, they will receive credit for them. Doing the assignments will help students’ grades, but if a student is unable to complete them for any reason, these assignments cannot harm students’ grades. 


-- Our goal is to keep students’ brains engaged in learning and their school habits fresh as we go through this experience. We want to help incentivize and motivate students in completing these Home Learning assignments! Again, the message to students is “If you are unable to do these Home Learning assignments, your grade will not be hurt. If you are able to do them, you will have the chance to improve your current grade. These HL activities will remain available to you to complete even after we return to school if you choose to do them later on when you are able!”


In regards to tests and quizzes: At this time, we will not be giving any at home tests or quizzes. If a student was absent for a test or quiz, or would like to retake something for a higher score, please have them plan on taking it at school soon after our return on April 27. If our return to school is delayed further, we will formulate a different plan. 


Reminder: We will not be issuing third quarter grades. We will make a final determination on grading and how to close second semester depending on our return date to school. However, we intend to use Pass or NC (No Credit) grading and also keep the option open for students to choose to keep a letter grade for their transcript. We wish to do no harm to students’ GPAs or transcripts.


For those of you would like to help our Shoreline and Lake Forest Park families, please go to the website our PTSA Council created: https://embraceshorelineschools.org/