Cheetah Blog Post for April 27

Posted by David Tadlock on 4/26/2020

Hello Families - 

We hope this finds you well. I wanted to send a special message of thanks, encouragement, and hope.  We miss you so much, but we feel the strength of our community. While it is very hard to be closed, I am grateful to our state and district leaders for making difficult decisions to sustain us now and for the furture. I am grateful to our staff who have worked so hard to re-establish classroom communities, learn about remote learning, and prepare to lead learning in May and June.  And I am grateful to our young Cheetahs and familes for caring for each other and our neighbors.  

While it felt a little awkward to be on break this week, it’s fair to say that many of us were exhausted from everything we have been through recently.  Getting back on Monday, let’s re-commit to moving minds and bodies; active brains and bodies. Stick to regular weekday schedules of learning and exercise.  Find new fun together on the weekends.  Parents, if ever there was a time to model learning and exercise, it is now.

Slow and steady wins the race. During these challenging times, we continue to be one amazing school community who are stronger always together.  If you or someone you know needs something, please contact me, Matt, or another staff member at any time.  Teachers will resume class meetings next week when once again school will be ON and we will be OPEN for learning. We are so grateful for the gift of your children and family, and I am confident that we will be together in the fall--stronger than ever.

David Tadlock, Derek Dalasta, Matt Alford, and MP Staff