I just want someone to read to me!

Posted by Jennifer Altena on 5/22/2020

Lately I've been so tired of looking at the computer screen, have you?  I want to read my books, but that's tiring too!

What I would love is for someone to come and sit down and read TO me.  Just let me lay down and close my eyes and have somebody else do the reading.  Kind of like when Mrs. Altena reads a book in the library to the students.  

So I went out and searched and found a bunch of websites that would read aloud to me.  If you want someone to read aloud to YOU, I suggest you give these a try.  I'll be listening too.  Maybe you could email me and let me know what you heard.  I'd love to hear from you!!

-Happy Listening!    ---Mrs. Altena

Storyline Online

My Weird Read-Aloud

Reading Rainbow

Scholastic Books

Kate Messner