More eBooks - MackinVIA

Posted by Jennifer Altena on 4/16/2020

When I purchase books for the Syre Library, I buy them through a company called Mackin.  This company has now offered us a service where kids can check out unlimited eBooks via their MackinVIA online book portal.  

I've set all of you up with an account on MackinVIA.  You each have what is called your Backpack in which you can place holds on books and check books out.  You can also just instantly download and read books on your device.  It's a great service!

Here's the login procedure:

Go to the website:

School/Library Name: Syre (start typing this and the computer will pull up our library on its own)

User ID: Your student number
              (098xxxx or 099xxxx)

Password: Your student number 
               (098xxxx or 099xxxx)


Click on "ebooks" to browse or the magnifying glass to search for a title. 

I hope you're able to find more books!

Happy Reading!

-Mrs. Altena