More Online Reading Sites

Posted by Jennifer Altena on 4/1/2020

There is another publishing company that has made their books available to read online - Capstone Books. Several librarians use this company and speak highly of their book selection.

You don't need an account and the link below will take you right there.

Capstone My Library Bookshelf

Junior Library Guild Digital is also offering their books free for online reading or listening.  This is a company I order from and they have quality books. No account needed - skip right past that and start reading.

Junior Library Guild Digital Bookshelf

Keep checking KCLS as I heard they put a large amount of money into buying more digital books for their collection.

Your login is either your personal library card or 412+student number; password is last 4 digits of student number.

KCLS e-books

Happy Reading!  

-Mrs. Altena