SC Resources During COVID-19 Closure


Dear SC Families,


We will update information as we can in regards to how we will serve and support students over the coming weeks. Right now, teachers are updating their Canvas pages with classwork through the end of this week: Friday, March 13. Please have your student check in via Canvas for more information and please encourage them to email/contact their teachers with questions regarding work from this week.


We will have more information in regards to the coming weeks and will update you as we can. We have many questions, many logistics to sort out. 


In the immediate, please have your student focus on completing school work for this week (up through March 13) and wait for more guidance beyond that date. 


Below are some quick links to information you can find on our SC website or through the district website, but are here for quick access!


Also, if you are concerned about the health and safety of a student, please utilize the Safety Tip Line (top right hand corner of website, icon is of a megaphone) to report concerns and please access local mental health and community resources provided in link below.