Report Cards and Conference Schedule

Hello Families of Room 5!
I hope you were all able to stay safe and warm during the last couple weeks with all this snow and ice! I was glad to be able to spend some time with my family and make some good progress towards finishing the book I have been reading! I am so excited to get to see your children today and be able to catch up with them a little before mid-winter break! 
Just wanted to mention that report cards are being sent home today-if your child is absent today they will receive this and bring it home with them when they return to school. Please disregard the portion of my note where I mention sending back the signed envelopes-I was not aware that LFP did not do this for first semester grades. :)
Also, our March conference form is now live at, so please schedule your 25 minute spring conference with me as soon as you are able! I will check in with families (via email and/or student mailbox notes) in the couple of weeks before conferences to schedule if I have not heard back from you by then.
Hope you have a wonderful mid-winter break!
Be well, 
Elizabeth Chamberlain