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Principal’s Message

Coffee with the Principal is This Thursday! Our last Coffee with the Principal meeting is this Thursday. This is a great time to engage me about school-wide topics of your choice. This is an open forum where the attendees bring the topics for discussion. I look forward to seeing you there.

New Greetings and Fond Farewells

The end of the school year always causes mixed emotions for me, as it does for many of our students and staff. It is a time to celebrate successes and look forward to what the next chapter of life will bring. For our students, that means the freedom of summer followed by a new class (or even new school for our sixth graders). For most of our staff it means sending off students to their next grade and taking the lessons of this year into the next. However, for others, it means a totally new transition! If you have an individual connection with any of these staff members, then you probably already know that we will have some staff changes for the 2016-2017 school year.

Kaydee McGillivray will retire at the end of this school year after a great career serving the students of Brookside and other schools in Shoreline. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with Ms. McGillivray for her final two years. She has touched the lives of so many students, families, and staff over her years at our school that her impact is impossible to gauge. She will be greatly missed as a member of our staff and upper-grade team. However, we take solace in the fact that we know Ms. McGillivray’s retirement will be filled with adventure! As she is an experienced photographer, we expect many photo updates.

Katie Sabol joined our primary team a few years ago, and what a boon that has been for our school! Mrs. Sabol has been an integral member of our Kindergarten staff over my tenure at Brookside and we will certainly miss her. She’s decided to seize an opportunity that is closer to her home where she will not only teach Kindergarten, but also mentor several early career Kindergarten teachers. We know that she will be a great resource for her new students and mentees.

Jessica Bengston joined Brookside due to an unexpected vacancy in our Resource Room program last year, and she jumped in with both feet! Ms. Bengston quickly built a reputation for professionalism & providing strong support for our students with IEPs in our general education program. I have also very much appreciated her diligent coordination of State testing for the last two years. We are sure that her new students and colleagues in Eastern Washington will have a great experience with Ms. Bengston as a teacher and collaborator.

Sheryl Lundahl came to Brookside this year as our very first teacher for English learners at our school; in past years our students were compelled to attend other schools for these services. We were very pleased to have Mrs. Lundahl’s expertise in kick-starting our program here. She will continue doing this work with two schools in Shoreline, but unfortunately Brookside will not be one of them. We look forward to continuing to grow and bolster the great work that she started.

Lee Baker is an experienced braillist who joined our team to work with a blind student at Brookside. She has provided superb direct support as well as proactive collaboration with staff on how to best serve the needs of her student. We’ve been very impressed with her student-centered mindset and depth of expertise in her field. We wish her well in all of her future endeavors in education (including teaching culinary classes).

Lisa Roehl has been our class-size relieve teacher this year working with our two teachers of split-grade classrooms and working with their students in small groups for mathematics.

As Ms. McGillivray has stated many a time: “Once a blue jay, always a blue jay.” This applied as much to our staff as it does for our 6th grade students going to Kellogg. We hope that you and your family have an excellent summer filled with quality time together in the sun and we look forward to seeing you in the fall when we all come together refreshed and ready to plunge into the new year!

Thank you for your ongoing support of your children and our school.