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Healthy Youth Survey

Healthy Youth Survey

Between Oct. 10 and Oct. 21, Shoreline students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 will be participating in the Healthy Youth Survey. The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) is a statewide, collaborative effort of OSPI, the Department of Health, the Department of Social and Health Service's Division of Behavioral and Health and Recovery, Family Policy Council, Department of Commerce, and Liquor Control Board. 

The anonymous survey is conducted every two years. About 200,000 students from over 1,000 schools across the state completed the survey in October 2014. Results, frequently asked questions and other information are located at

What it measures

The survey measures health risk behaviors that contribute to morbidity, mortality, and social problems among youth in Washington. These behaviors include alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, behaviors that result in unintentional and intentional injuries (e.g., violence), dietary behaviors, physical activity, and related risk and protective factors. For more information, please visit

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes! Students taking the survey can skip questions and stop taking the survey at any time. If you do not want your student to participate in the survey, you can excuse your student from participating by filling out an opt-out form that will be available at your child’s school or calling the school.

Students can also excuse themselves by telling their teacher that they do not want to take the survey. Students not taking the survey will participate in a different activity, such as studying or reading in the library.

There is no penalty for not taking part in the survey. Your student’s grades will not be affected

How are the survey results used?

Schools, school districts, counties and state agencies use the results to better understand our students and to provide them with the services they need. Results are used for planning, evaluating and improving programs and obtaining money to support them.  

Data sets are also shared with local health departments and legitimate researchers.

How is student identity protected?

Students will not write their names on the survey. There are no codes or other information to match a survey to a student. No one from the school will look at the survey answers. Students will put completed surveys into an envelope that is sealed before it leaves the classroom. Survey reports of results will not identify any student. 

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about the purpose of the survey or survey procedures, please contact Department of Health at:

Call toll-free1-877-HYS-7111


 The Washington State Institutional Review Board has approved the procedures for conducting the Healthy Youth Survey that are described in this brochure. If you believe these procedures have not been followed, please call 1-800-583-8488. You do not have to leave your name. All messages will be returned.