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Principal's Message 9/14/2016

Welcome Back! 

I would like to thank all of our families, students, and staff, who have helped us have a terrific start to the 2016-2017 school year.  It’s been a busy start to the year for everyone, with our new kindergarteners transitioning to being Briarcrest Bulldogs, and our older students reuniting with friends and making new ones.  Our enrollment is right around 530 students, which is a new high mark for us.  The beautiful weather has been especially helpful; we are enjoying a week of picnic lunches outside on our playground.  It is truly such a pleasure to get the school year underway, and to have the children back.

Curriculum Night  - September 22

Our annual Back to School/Curriculum Night will be Thursday, September 22nd.  Please come and learn about the instructional plan and materials that your child’s teacher will be using this year, as well as resources that you can access from home.  We will do two sessions, so that families with more than one child can have the opportunity to visit multiple teachers.  Our schedule will be:  6:30 - Welcome message in the gym; 6:45 - Classroom session #1; 7:15 - Classroom session #2.  Child care will be provided in the form of a movie in the gym, with a suggested donation of $2 per child to our PTA.  Collected donations will then fund our Family Fun/WatchDOGS Night in October.  

Instructional Program Planning Committee Presentation - September 29

In Spring 2016, the Shoreline School District made a commitment to evaluate future instructional configurations to meet the needs of students, and it formed a committee for this task composed of many essential stakeholders. Our own office manager, Heather Hahn, represented our community on this District-wide committee. The Instructional Program Planning Committee (IPPC) was tasked to examine three areas: preschool configuration, Highly Capable programs configuration, and grade band configuration. As they examined these areas, the committee was asked to reflect on current information such as: “instructional programming; standards alignment and requirements; best practices for delivery of rigorous content; addressing the social emotional needs of students; anticipated future needs.” While the IPPC recommendations could have ramifications for facilities, the committee’s purpose was to address the instructional needs of students and staff.

Members of this committee are doing a "traveling roadshow” this fall to engage school communities across Shoreline Public Schools regarding their work. They will be coming to Briarcrest on Thursday, September 29th.  We will have a short PTA meeting that evening at 6:30, followed by the presentation by the IPCC committee at 7:00.  I will provide a movie in our gym for the students, so that parents are able to attend this important meeting and not have to worry about child care.  Shoreline Area News also wrote a piece in May detailing the work of the IPPC, you can read it here: page1image28576

Parking Lot Safety/Arrival Routines

Please help us keep our students, patrols, families, and staff safe by being careful in our parking lot.  Our speed limit is 10 mph throughout - go slow!  We have two drop off/pick up points which parents should pull all the way forward to.  Patrols will help open and close doors, so that parents can remain in their car.  If you need to get out of your car, please go ahead and park in the lot.    With 530 students, it puts a lot of pressure on our parking lot; it’s still the safest place to drop off and pick up students, especially as long as we all work together.  Please do not stop on 158th and have children get out of the car - that creates a very dangerous situation.  Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning, and we’ll keep it as stress-free as possible.  

Pick Up Routines

After school, if you arrive before dismissal, please pull over to the right hand side of the lot, so that other vehicles can get through and park.  I will also be providing families with name signs this year for their car visors, to expedite our pick up routines in the afternoons - you will receive more information and materials for that next week.

BC Parking Lot Diagram