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Washington State Achievement Award!

Dear BC Families,

I am so very proud to celebrate with you that Briarcrest has received another Washington State Achievement Award based on our 3rd – 6th grade test scores.  It is our third award in the past four years!  We have been recognized for our High Progress, which reflects all of the hard work that our students, staff, and parents have been contributing.  We are in the top 10% of all of the schools in the state of Washington in the amount of progress that we have made with our students.  We will be receiving a new banner soon to add to our growing collection in our gymnasium, which I so look forward to sharing with our students.

 Speaking of testing, our Smarter Balanced Assessments for grades 3-6 will begin next week.  Please make sure that your child is present and rested each day of their test, and give them plenty of encouragement at home.  It’s their chance to demonstrate all of the skills that they have been working on at Briarcrest, and we want it to be a positive, confidence-building experience.  The assessments give us valuable information about our instruction here at school, and help us to provide support and tailor our programs for our students.  Some students express nervousness or anxiety prior to beginning, but we counter that with support, breaks, snacks (thanks to our PTA!), and plenty of positive energy here at school, and they truly do fine.

Our schedule will be as follows:

May 17 – 19: 3rd Grade English/Language Arts

May 18:  5th Grade Science

May 20/23/24:  4th Grade English/Language Arts

May 25 – 27:  5th/6th Grade English/Language Arts

May 31/June 2:  3rd/4th Grade Math

June 1/3:  5th/6th Grade Math

The sunny weather is always so welcome.  We have been enjoying all of our opportunities to have outdoor lunch, where the children get to choose from sitting at our picnic tables, in the grass, or under our covered area.  It does add additional sun exposure to the students, so please use sunblock at home, as needed.  I’ll also be reminding our students soon about our elementary school dress code – beach clothes need to be saved for the beach.  A good rule of thumb that we use is that shorts should extend past fingertips, and shirt straps should be at least three fingers wide.  Flip flops are generally not safe at school, with all of the playground running and activities in PE.

There are so many great activities happening for our students in these final two months of school.  We have our Spring Dance, movie nights, Carnival, K-2 Performance… please check our calendar and be a part of as many as you can!

Wishing you all the best,

Jonathan Nessan

Principal | Briarcrest Elementary School