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Childcare @ Ronald Commons 1x/ month

We are looking for volunteers interested in providing an hour of childcare once a month while their parents attend the monthly Ronald Commons Community meeting. We would love for someone to 'sponsor’ an activity night and bring the supplies for a fun game or craft project, but volunteers will have access to the community room and the playground outside and any volunteers are welcome. The children are ages 4-12.

Community meetings run from 6pm-7pm on the 4 th Wednesday of each month. We would ask volunteers to arrive around 5:45pm and be willing to stay until approximately 7:15pm incase meetings run long.

All volunteers must be 14 or older, and each volunteer group must have at least 1 adult. Background checks are required for all adult volunteers, and parental permission forms are required for all minors.

Individual volunteer applications can be found here:

Please reach out to Jennifer Marquette for the background check authorization forms, parental permission forms, or with any questions about this or other volunteer opportunities.