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Letter Writer isn't a Shorewood Teacher? Read this.

Please read carefully...

First, be sure that your desired letter writer 'qualifies' according to your colleges' guidelines. Some colleges want only teachers from core academic subjects. 

If the teacher is a Shorecrest teacher, the steps will be largely the same as those outlined on this page, BUT you will have to notify Mrs. Stephens so that she can temporarily add the Shorecrest teacher to the Shorewood roster, and put the Shorecrest teacher in contact with Mrs. Stephens so that they know how to handle the letter on their end. 

If you are using the Common Application and the letter writer does NOT have a Shoreline Schools email address, you have two options. If you are not using the Common Application, follow option #2.

  1. Use the Recommenders function in the Common App. It is under each school's supplement under My Colleges. You CANNOT request Shorewood or Shorecrest teachers via the Common App.  
    1. If you use this function, you will probably have to select Arts Teacher or Coach under the options because the Common App knows we are a Naviance school and doesn't think you will be requesting academic letters through the Common App. However, go ahead and select whatever role you can for a professor in the Recommenders tool and then in the Additional Information section, detail who your letter is coming from and where & what they teach. 
    2. If the teacher is now at a different school that uses Naviance, you will need to ask the teacher if they are okay with you using their personal email address. (Using their work email in this situation will freeze their ability to upload any letters via Naviance or the Common App!) 
  2. Ask each college how to submit other materials. You should not email a letter yourself or ask your professor/ recommender to figure it out. 
    1. Ask the professor/ recommender well in advance if they will write you a letter. 
    2. Search each college website to see if there is a prescribed method for submitting other materials. 
    3. If you cannot find instructions, email or call the admissions office to get a link or an email address. 
    4. Provide clear instructions to your professor/ recommender. 
    5. Follow up with your professor/ recommender as your deadline approaches. 
    6. Detail somewhere in your application, probably in the extra information section, that admissions should look for the letter from Professor ________(their name) and how it will be coming to them. 
    7. Thank your recommender!