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5. Formalize the Requests in Naviance (only for teacher letters)

5. Formalize the Requests in Naviance for Teacher letters only

It is best to formalize the requests in Naviance only after your senior year has begun just in case Naviance summer updates to the Letter of Recommendation interface affect already-uploaded letters. 

  1. Before you request letters in Naviance, you must match your Naviance and Common App accounts. See the College Application page or above for instructions. You have to do the FERPA waiver in the Common App and then match through Naviance. 
  2. If you do not have colleges in your Naviance Applying To list, put the colleges there right away. You must complete this step. Having colleges in your Thinking About list does not allow application steps. 
  3. In Naviance, go to the Colleges tab and select the Letters of Recommendation link.
  4. In the Letters of Recommendation tool, click +Add Request. Naviance knows if and how many letters each college needs.  
  5. Select the teacher, which will ‘ping’ the teacher with your request and create the portal for them to upload their letter for you. If your teacher is not in Naviance, let Mrs. Stephens know and she will create a Teacher account. 
  6. Specify whether the teacher is to do letters for "all of your applications" (this is easiest and most common) or selected applications. We recommend that you not combine these functions. It works best if you only do one method ("all applications") or the other (select which teachers for which schools). 
  7. Email your teacher to let them know that you have entered the request into Naviance, and let them know your earliest deadline.
  8. Follow up with your teacher as the deadline approaches