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4. Complete the FERPA Waiver in the Common App

4. Complete the FERPA Waiver in the Common App

screen shot of Recommenders & FERPA

Note:  you can only do this step after August 1 of your senior year. 

In your Common App account,

  1. Go to the My Colleges tab. (If you have not already added your colleges, do so.)
  2. Select any of your schools, then go to the Recommenders and FERPA section. 
  3. Under FERPA Release Authorization, click Complete Release Authorization.
  4. Read the text on the next screen and click the box to agree. 
  5. Ignore the Recommenders part of this Common App section. We do letters of recommendation through Naviance, not the Common App. If you use the Recommenders section in Naviance, you will disable the letters of recommendation function in Naviance not only for your account, but for all students requesting the same teacher. 
  6. In Naviance, go to your Colleges I'm Applying To list and match the accounts if you have not already. Enter the email address you used for your Common App account, your birthdate, and click the Match button. 

Note about FERPA:  Saying yes to the FERPA waiver means that you trust the teachers and will allow Shorewood, Naviance, and the Common App to handle materials, including letters, and send them to the schools on your behalf. You waive your right to preview the letters.