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1. Find Out if You Need Letters

1. Find Out If You Need Letters

Ask for letters only if you need them since not all colleges require them. Public in-state schools--UW, Western, Central, Eastern, SCC--do not, though many other schools do.

Almost all Common App Schools require Teacher and Counselor Letters of Recommendation. 

To find out:

    • check the schools’ websites under Application Requirements, or
    • look in your Naviance list for Common App schools (they do require letters). Look for the Naviance icons:

 Naviance Application Icons

Note:  Naviance does not have a Coalition App icon and is not integrated with the Coalition app as it is with the Common App. If you are applying to UW Seattle, the Naviance icon will be the same as a college with its own online application. UW Seattle does not require letters, but some Coalition schools do.