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High Rise Window Cleaner


Puget Sound Window Maintenance

Experience a thrilling challenge and inspiring view every workday - become a high-rise window cleaner for Puget Sound Window Maintenance.

Newcomers will be trained to become responsible for safely navigating high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise buildings and performing high quality window-cleaning services. Most work is done in downtown Seattle and extends to the greater Puget Sound area.

This is a full-time position. Entry-level trainees (no experience) earn $20.00/hr. Otherwise, wages are determined by experience, abilities, and efficiency. There is the potential to earn $70,000/annually + bonuses.

Ideal Candidate:

Are you an athletic type? Do you love doing hands-on work? Do you want to work with a fun and dynamic team? Does a desk job sound like a bore? Then you’ll fit right in at PSWM. We’re looking for active, energetic individuals who don’t shy away from physical and intellectual challenges.

We need employees who are good at problem solving and thinking on their feet. You’ll be required to figure out the safest and most efficient ways to navigate high-rise buildings and deliver our top- quality cleaning services. Each building you work on will require a different approach.

You must be responsible, careful, and dedicated to safety at all times. Candidates must take our training and safety protocols seriously.

No experience is required. Download High Rise Window Cleaner Job Description for details

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Flyer for High Rise Window Cleaner