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EarthCorps Opportunities

EarthCorps Opportunities

If you like being outside and want to do something that doesn't feel like school, then check out EarthCorps! 

Many positions run January - December or February - December. 

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EarthCorps Crew is EarthCorps’ signature Conservation Corps program! In the EarthCorps Crew program, you’ll be rolling up your sleeves to implement environmental restoration projects around Seattle and western Washington.

The heart of the crew experience is working side-by-side and building a close-knit crew of 6-7 AmeriCorps and international participants.  Crews work, camp, and learn together through the daily process of performing environmental restoration. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and happens outdoors in all kinds of weather.



The EarthCorps Volunteer program is the branch of EarthCorps that engages the community in restoring our public lands. A team of five Volunteer Specialists, one Outreach Specialist, and three staff Project Managers lead 10,000 volunteers at more than 200 events each year!

At EarthCorps volunteer events, we see firsthand how the act of working side-by-side to restore public lands brings people together.

As a Volunteer Specialist or Outreach Specialist, you will participate in workshops including volunteer engagement, event planning and management, public speaking, and restoration best management practices.


The EarthCorps Specialist program is EarthCorps’ newest program! The EarthCorps Specialist Program provides opportunities for young adults who have extensive habitat restoration field work experience. EarthCorps specialists gain leadership practice in project coordination, implementation, and logistics.

The EarthCorps Specialist program is made up of Habitat Restoration Specialists, and Restoration Logistics Specialists.