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Miracle Vent Cleaning Company Needs Workers!

Job Posting:  Dryer Vent, Gutter and Chimney Cleaning

Hours:  30-35hrs/wk

Type of work: indoor & outdoor physical work. Involves high ladder work and rappelling. 

Pay: $15/hr to start, $20/hr after 2 months, $25/hr after 6 months

  • Must be able to work at this job for at least one year
  • Must be physically fit and have no fear of heights
  • Must be dependable and honest.
  • Must be a fast worker and able to follow directions well
  • Must be a legal citizen
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Own vehicle preferred (only to arrive at job – not to carry equipment)

Interested? Download an application, fill it out, and contact Mr. Joseph Vazquez. 

Employment Application for Miracle Vent Cleaning

Joseph Vasquez 
Miracle Vent Cleaning LLC 
206 650-6515

Fax application to: 425 334-9731, or email to