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Mathnasium Instructor--after school and on Saturdays

Part-Time Mathnasium Instructor

Note:  Candidates who have taken at least one year of calculus or who are in calculus this fall preferred. 


  • Mathnasium Instructor
  • 15909 Westminster Way N (by Pier 1 Imports), Math only learning center.
  • Tasks & Hours: Instruct math to kids, with some general office and cleaning tasks. Open 3-7 Mon-Thur and 10-2 Sat during school year. Looking for students able to work 8 or more hours per week.
  • Pay starts at $14/hour, including paid training.
  • procedure for applying: email
  • How to email + tip from Mrs. Stephens:  attach a PDF of your resume and use the text of an email as your cover letter, in which you describe your interest and how you are the answer to their needs. Use the Resume page for help, including templates and our rubric. 
  • Contact: Steve Ruiter, 206-268-0724 or see us online at

Qualifications they seek: 

  • Strong Math Skills: Instructors must be passionate about math and have strong skills through Algebra I (higher if working with HS students.)
  • Engaging: Instructors must interact well with students and establish a fun learning environment.
  • Facilitator: Instructors must move easily from one student to another.
  • Professional: Instructors must interact with parents, students, and co-workers in a friendly but professional manner at all times.
  • Candidates who have taken at least one year of calculus or who will be enrolled in calculus this fall preferred. 

Download this document Mathnasium Instructor Job Listing for a more extensive description, including qualifications. 


Mathnasium job flyer