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Explore Cal Poly Online

This is a set of ways to explore Cal Poly from home! 

From Ryann Wegrzyn, Pacific NW Regional Admissions Manager


Here is a link to all of the virtual ways that students can explore Cal Poly from home:

There are many options for students and their families/supporters, including:

* A virtual tour of the campus led by our student ambassadors:

* Virtual Chats with Current Students (this is my favorite!)

* Virtual Information Sessions daily

* Drop-In Zoom Chats daily

* Virtual Housing Tours

* Our Virtual Open House starts this weekend:

* Soon, we will also be offering virtual tours and info sessions given by our individual colleges (ie:  College of Engineering, College of Science and Math, College of Liberal Arts, etc)

In addition, many students have found it beneficial to connect with a current student in their chosen major.  I am happy to facilitate these connections for students. Contact Ms. Wegrzyn, .