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Materials from the Fall Juniors Aiming for College Series

Juniors Aiming for College Series

If you missed tuning for the series, access the materials and videos below.

Links and information are also in the Announcements of your Class of 2023 Canvas course, and on the Video Library page.

Here's the original description:

Juniors anticipating college after high school, here is a series for you! Sessions in this series are not identical:  regard them as sequential, and plan to attend all three. 


Sessions will be recorded; links will be posted a few days after each event on the Juniors Aiming for College headline on the Shorewood College & Career home page and on the Video Library page.


Aiming for College #1:  November 16, SAS for Students

This session was on looking ahead and determining Personal Fit.

SlideshowJr Aiming for College #1

Recording:  Juniors Aiming for College #

Do on your own:  Recommended Activities Following Session #1



Aiming for College #2:  December 2, SAS (9:40 AM) for Students

We will discuss Academic Fit and researching colleges. 

Session #2 on Academic Fit & Researching Colleges

Slideshow: Jr Aiming for College #2

Recording:  Juniors Aiming for College #2 12.2.2021

Do on your own: Recommended Activities following Juniors Aiming for College #2  Note that these steps should be done over the next few weeks and months. Don’t rush it; take your time to learn and reflect. If you have questions, come on in and ask!

Thinksheet:  College List Worksheet Make a copy and use to guide your research.


Aiming for College #3:  December 9, 6:00 PM for Students and Parent/ Guardians

We hope that parents/ guardians will tune in with their students since we will be talking about financial fit and finding options that fit your budget. 

Slideshow:  Jr Aiming for College #3

Recording:  Juniors Aiming for College #

Do on your own:  

  • see the Financial Fit section of the College Fit page on this website for steps
  • use the College List Worksheet to guide your research
  • as needed, refer to the Financial Aid pages (there are several nested under Financial Aid) and the Scholarships page
  • have a money talk as a family to make expectations and limitations clear

Please keep in mind that some of the terminology and rules will change for the 2023-2024 FAFSA/ WASFA; we will update in the summer.