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Fall 2021 College Application & Financial Aid How-To Series

Fall 2021 Senior College Application How-To Series

If you are applying to colleges (especially 4-year colleges!) there are a lot of details and complexities to this process. Prepare yourself by tuning in to this sequence. We are doing as many as possible before Running Start classes start at the end of September so that many of you can tune in. 

Resources:  2021-2022 College Application Packet

SAS How-To Series for Students

Unless specified, the sessions are during SAS, 9:40 - 10:15 AM. All sessions will be held via Zoom. 

Please tune in from your SAS classroom or wherever you happen to be. Use headphones and let your teacher know that you will be attending the senior session.

Find the links in email messages from Mrs. Stephens or in your Canvas Class of 2022 course in the events--they should be viewable on your Canvas Calendar. 

While we have set up the How to Apply series in a sequential manner with particular topics scheduled for particular days, if we don’t finish with one topic or if people have follow up questions, we will finish it up in the next session. So, we may cover topics in addition to what is specified for each time, and the series builds your knowledge and your preparation.

Especially if you are not familiar with the process, it will be beneficial for you to attend all of the sessions unless you know a particular topic does not apply to you or the colleges you are applying to.

Bring your questions so that we discuss what you need to know. 

Dates & topics

If you missed a presentation, see the slideshow linked below. A longer list of pertinent links is at the bottom of this page. 

9/14 SAS   #1:  Get Started  Be organized, know how applications work, what your responsibilities are, and when to tackle these tasks. Slideshow:  Get Started  9.14.21. Links shared during the session. 

9/16 SAS   #2:  Deadline Types, Q&A and Clarifications thus far. Deadline Types & Questions Thus Far 9.16.2021 Links shared during the session. 

9/16 2:00 PM:  Applying to 4-Year Colleges as a Running Start Student. There are other considerations for Running Start students; tune in to learn from Ms. Engle and Ms. Stephens. 

Slideshow:  How to Apply to 4-Year Colleges as a Running Start Student 9.2021   

Links shared during the session. 

9/20 SAS   #3:  Naviance Steps.  Set up properly—it’s nitpicky and necessary!—so Shorewood can support your applications. Slideshow:  Naviance 9.20.2021  Links shared during the session. 

9/22 8:00 AM Applying to 4-Year Colleges as a Running Start Student. There are additional considerations for Running Start students; tune in to learn from Ms. Engle and Ms. Stephens. This session will present the same material as the 2pm 9/16 session. Slideshow:  How to Apply to 4-Year Colleges as a Running Start Student 9.2021   Links shared during the session. 

9/24 SAS  #4:  Letters of Recommendation. Who needs them, how they work, what the process is, what to do. Slideshow:  Letters of Rec 9.24.2021.  Links shared during the session. 

9/28 SAS  #5:  Prep for Financial Aid. Be ready for the FAFSA or WASFA and learn how the process works. Slideshow:  Prep for Financial Aid 9.28.2021  During the session, we worked with the first 20 slides. The remainder are from a larger presentation and go into more detail about aspects of financial aid and paying for college, so you may want to look through all. Also find the Links (with a To-Do List) shared during the session. 

10/5 SAS  #6:  Test Optional. Scores or no scores, you can do this! Sildeshow:  Test Optional 10.5.2021. Links shared during the session. 

10/8 SAS  #7:  Q&A / TBD. If there are enough questions on a topic, we will have a session about it! 

10/11 SAS  #8:  Q&A / TBD. If there are enough questions on a topic, we will have a session about it! 


Two Evening Events for Families

Meeting links will be sent via email and will also be in the Canvas Class of 2022 course events on your calendar. 

9/20 6:00 PM  College Application Night webinar for Families. We will provide an overview of the process, offer general tips on applications, and clarify how things work with student, school, and family responsibilities. 

Recording:  Shorewood Family College Application Night 9.20.2021 on YouTube

10/13 6:00 PM  Financial Aid Night  webinar for Families. Experts from Seattle Pacific University will provide an overview of how the college financial aid process works, from FAFSA/ WASFA applications in the fall of senior year to disbursement when a student starts college.