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About the Shorewood College & Career Center


All-Student Emails

Messages will be sent to all students and parent/ guardians approximately every two weeks. We always list the contents near the top of the message, so you can skip down to what interests you. 

These messages go to a student’s k12 email address. We are unable to switch that to a student’s general email address. If you wish to set up forwarding so that you only have to check one place, please do that in your own email systems. 


Grade-Level Emails

Students and families will also receive more targeted messages from me, usually by grade level. The frequency will increase as you go through high school; seniors hear from me often! 


Shorewood College & Career Website

All of the information in the biweekly all-student emails is also included on the website, on the pages related to the subtopic. There are lot of resources on the site, so please make use of it. Site pages are arranged alphabetically.


Instagram & Facebook

Follow us on Instagram as swcollegecareer and on Facebook as Shorewood College & Career Center. I post semi-regularly, more on Instagram than Facebook. 


What we Do

The Shorewood College & Career Center is responsible for: 

  • College & Career Awareness and Lessons for students & parent/ guardians
  • College Application Guidance for juniors & seniors
  • Most High School & Beyond Plan Tasks for the Graduation Requirement
  • Community Service Tracking 
  • Publicity for 
    • Shorewood college & career-related events
    • Local and virtual college & career-related events
    • College Visits
    • Community service events & opportunities
    • Enrichment events & opportunities


Class Visits 

Throughout the year, I will visit individual classes and will conduct lessons (often virtual in 2021-2022) for entire grade levels. 


High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) Graduation Requirement

One of the state and district graduation requirements is essentially a future exploration plan with yearly assignments. If students complete all of these assignments, they will be eligible for an additional 1.0 credit. These HSBP assignments will be administered through the College & Career Center and the Counseling Department and students will submit them in via their Class of 202x Canvas course. 


Who is Behind Shorewood College & Career

My name is Marianne Stephens, (Ms. Stephens as the students know me), and I am the College & Career Readiness Coordinator. You will hear from me fairly often. Email is the best way to reach me, though things are very busy and I ask for your patience if I do not respond promptly. 

For students in the building, the College & Career Center is centrally located just across from the library, near the front doors. Students can usually find me there, and are welcome to drop in. During lunch or between classes are often good times.