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Community Service Update

August 4, 2021


The State of the Requirement

Officially, the Shoreline School District still has a graduation requirement for 40 hours of community service on the books for the classes of 2022 - 2025. That will be adjusted, but we do not yet know what the adjustment will be. We had hoped for an announcement in the spring, but the district administration waited to see how the state of things developed. We hope that the district administration and school board will take up this issue early in the 2021-2022 school year so that students know what the expectations are. 

We will let you know via email as soon as we hear anything from the district, and will post it on the Community Service Events  page and the Community Service Requirement page. 



Summer Service Forms due by 9/17

If you are doing service this summer--service done by the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will be counted--get your forms in. 

Note:  do not save up your forms until you are a senior. 


Incoming 9th Graders Can Start Accruing Hours After School Starts

According to district policy, community service served by incoming 9th graders before they start at Shorewood will NOT be counted toward the requirement. For more about what does and does not count for the graduation requirement, see the Community Service Requirement page. 


Q: Should you do service even though we don’t know how many hours are required? 

If you feel safe with the situation, we encourage you to do service. You can gain experience, develop skills, and make connections in the community. Those aspects should be the takeaways anyway, rather than simply checking a box for the requirement. 


Finding Community Service Opportunities

We will list everything we hear about on our Community Service Events page. There are fewer opportunities listed than in most years. You are welcome to arrange your own service with a nonprofit organization. Many local organizations are listed on the Community Service:  Find Your Own page. 


If you do service, use a form

  • Download from the Community Service Events page or stop into the Career Center for a paper copy.
  • Use a separate form for each nonprofit organization. If you serve multiple dates with the same organization, there are lots of blanks on the form. 
  • Turn in shortly after you do service. Do not wait weeks, months, or years! 


Provide verification

It is your task to obtain and submit verification from your supervisor. That might be an electronic signature on the form, an actual signature, a screenshot of an email verifying the service, an official document from the organization, or whatever you can obtain. Forms submitted without verification will not be logged. 


Turn in via Canvas

In your Class of 202x course, look under Assignments for Community Service Form Upload. Follow the instructions to upload your form and verification document (if it is separate). We will be able to see multiple uploads.


Look Up Your Hours in Canvas

Hours are logged in Canvas, which houses the complete community service record. If you have submitted hours, they will be processed and the point total for the Community Service Form Upload assignment = the number of hours you have. 

Students who attended Shorewood before March of 2020 also have some paper records in the Career Center, but all of the hours that were previously logged in Skyward have been transferred to Canvas. The old Skyward record only reflects service up to the first week in March 2020 and is no longer being used.