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Submit Community Service Forms via Canvas

Community Service Form Upload

Before you go through the steps to turn in your forms, be sure that they are as complete as possible. We will not be able to log forms that are missing information. 

Here’s how to submit your forms: 

  1. Go to Canvas*
  2. Find your Class of 202x course. If you cannot see it, go to Courses on the left, then click Show All Courses.**
  3. Find the Assignment Community Service Form Upload  and follow the steps. 
  4. If you have multiple forms, then do multiple uploads. You may only be able to see the last upload, but I will be able to see all that you have submitted. 

Forms will be logged about once every two weeks during the school year. Forms will not be logged during  

You can always find blank forms on the Community Service Events page. Do not worry if the form has last year on it. We will accept it. 

If you have questions, please ask by emailing Mrs. Stephens 


* If you are not a frequent user of Shorewood's Canvas, here are more detailed login instructions: 

  1. Go to the Shorewood Canvas page:
  2. Your username is your first & last initial plus your student number, in a format like this ms0123456
  3. Your password, if you never changed it, is your student number with an extra zero on the front, like 00123456

You are able to set your own password once you are set up. 

All Shoreline School District student systems use the same login method, so you can log in to Naviance with the same username & password.


**If your Class of 202x Course does not show up: 

  • If you are a new 9th grader, it may take a few weeks for your new "Class of" Canvas course to be created. Please check back. 
  • If you transferred in during a school year, we may need to add you to the existing course. See your counselor or contact Ms. Stephens for assistance.