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Seniors, Turn in Your Senior Project! (the last piece of your High School & Beyond Plan)

Senior Project/ High School & Beyond Submission via Canvas Class of 2020 course

Seniors, the district has put together a way to submit your High School & Beyond Plan/ Senior Project via Canvas!  

For information about the project, see Senior Project/ HSBP. What we call the Senior Project is the final piece of the state-required High School and Beyond Plan. 

If you turned in your High School & Beyond Project/ Senior Project before the school closure, you do not need to do this assignment.

If you have not turned in your Senior Project/ High School & Beyond Plan, you must do this assignment by May 1, 2020 to meet the State and District Graduation Requirement. 


First, have Mrs. Stephens review your resume 

Review the Resume Rubric and Sample and share your Google doc with It must be this k12 version of her email address and you must enable editing privileges so that she can comment. 

After you have made requested resume revisions, then proceed. 

Instructions for Senior Project Submission 

  1. Log onto your Shorewood Canvas* account.
  2. Find the Class of 2020 Course. If it isn’t on your dashboard, click Courses on the left and then Show All Courses. 
  3. Under Assignments, find High School and Beyond Plan. 
  4. Answer the questions and follow instructions. You will be asked to: 
    • Choose a pathway from the nine options on the Senior Project Outline.
    • Describe your career and educational plans.
    • Upload your (already-reviewed!) resume. 
    • Upload proof of financial planning (optional).
    • Upload any other materials you have collected/ prepared (optional). If you have more than one document, combine them into one before you upload.  
  5. Be sure you hit Submit Quiz at the end! 

That’s it! We will review submissions, but if you have followed instructions and hit submit, you have completed your High School & Beyond Plan, a Washington State and Shoreline School District graduation requirement. If you have questions, contact your counselor or Ms. Stephens.

Remember that this must be completed by May 1, 2020.  


*If you do not use Shorewood Canvas often, here's how to do it: 

  1. Log into your Shorewood Canvas account:
  2. Your username is your first & last initial plus your student number, so in this format ms0123456
  3. Your default password is your student number with an extra zero at the beginning, so 00123456   

All Shoreline School District systems use the same sign on, so your username & password will be the same for Naviance and for your Google k12 account.