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Grade 10 College & Career Lesson January 2020

In January, all English 10 classes visited the Career Center for a long period. 

If you missed the session, view the following presentation: 

10th Grade Career Lesson January 2020

Please go over it carefully and follow the instructions for the Naviance tasks and the Canvas assignment. These three tasks are required as part of the district and state High School and Beyond Plan*. 

Also, view/ download the Grade 10 Timeline and figure out what you should be doing when to look ahead. Hard copies are available in the Career Center. 


Required Tasks

  1. Complete Naviance Career Cluster Finder, a questionnaire that will suggest general career groups, called clusters for you. Be careful; several items in Naviance have similar names.
  2. Add Careers and Career Clusters to your favorite list in Naviance. Do this by clicking the heart. 
  3. Complete the Canvas questions, named 10th Grade Naviance lesson in the SW Class of 2022 course. If the course does not show up on your Canvas Dashboard, select the courses icon in Canvas and then click on see all courses


Recommended Tasks

  1. Complete Three Future Factors Survey in Naviance. If it does not show up as a task on your home page, then go to About Me on the upper right and the survey should show up on the About Me home. 
  2. Search for programs/ colleges in Naviance that have related majors for the careers in yours lists and add those colleges to your favorites lists. Basically, work on a pathway from where you are now to that career. 
  3. Set goals and a personal timeline according to the Grade 10 Timeline linked above.


The State- and District-required High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) has various components in every high school grade level. Starting this year, HSBP lessons will be in Canvas. 

The HSBP will be worth credit. As long as students complete all requirements, they will receive .25 credit (awarded at the end of high school) per year, for a maximum of 1.0 credit. 


Let me know if you have questions about the Grade 10 assignment.